Divine Colors.

Dive into a world of vibrant and revitalized hair colors with our "Divine Colors" collection. This exclusive line of toning masks is designed to enhance, intensify, and breathe life into your hair color, ensuring it remains radiant between permanent coloring sessions.

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Toning Mask - Platinum & Red

Toning moisturizing mask, acts by neutralizing the yellowish tones of bleached blonde hair, with highlights or babylights, promoting platinum blonde shades. Made with Açaí, Grape Seed, and Lotus Flower Oils, and Vitamin E, it has a moisturizing, nourishing, and antioxidant action, enhancing color and shine, and providing softness, silkiness, and intense shine to the hair. Paraben-free.
Toning and moisturizing red mask, intensifies and revitalizes the reddish hair color, to be used between one permanent coloring session and the following one. Made with Red Fruit Phytoextracts and Vitamin E, it has revitalizing, nourishing, and antioxidant properties. It provides a more accentuated and vibrant color, disguising and coloring white hair strands. Color resists from 3 to 5 washes, depending on hair porosity. A strand test is suggested to certify the desired color. The greater the porosity of the hair strand, the more accentuated the color will be

  • Toning Mask Black
  • Toning Mask Brown
  • Toning Mask Platinum
  • Toning Mask Red