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Shampoo, Balm & Oil

Shampoo for hair and beard, gently cleans the strands and beard hairs, leaving them healthier, hydrated, with renewed shine, and a silky touch. Made with H-Vit® Complex, it helps control oiliness and fight hair loss. It has revitalizing and fortifying action. Free of salt (sodium chloride) and paraben-free.
Balm to moisturize and provide softness to beard hair and facial skin. Made with Revitalizing, Purifying, and Toning Phytoextracts, Allantoin, and H-Vit® Complex, it hydrates, soothes the skin and provides a smooth touch to the beard. Mineral oil and paraben-free.
Beard Oil made with the synergy of Coconut, Argan, Flax Seed, and Macadamia vegetable oils, and Vitamin E, provides nourishing, moisturizing and antioxidant action. Helps keep beard strands aligned and frizz-free. Contains sun filter.

  • Shampoo Hair and Beard
  • Balm Hair and Beard
  • Beard Oil
  • Texturizing Wax
  • Styling Paste