Vegan Line.

The vegan line is the perfect solution for those seeking advanced and conscious hair care. Comprising three essential products, this line was meticulously developed to treat and prevent hair loss, while revitalizing and strengthening each strand.

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Vegan Shampoo & Conditioner.

Shampoo - Vegan Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo has an exclusive formula based on nanotechnology studies, it restores the vitality of the hair strands, giving them thickness and a younger look.
Conditioner - Vegan Anti-Hair Loss Conditioner provides maximum shiny and super conditioned hair with increasingly hydrated and revitalized hair strands. It is enriched with nutrients that increase hair strength and luminosity. The balanced association of extracts nourishes the bulb and tones up the scalp, providing strength and health to the hair.

  • Vegan Tonic Anti Hair Loss
  • Vegan Shampoo
  • Vegan Conditioner